Dalia Del Bue attended at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy, where she focused on drawing techniques, developing a strong background in painting and traditional graphics techniques. She also dedicated with enthusiasm to sculpture and modelling learning, and she had been choosen, after the degree, to an internship in Michele Guaschino craftsmanship and sculpting studio. The Studio provided creations for international contemporary artists, masks, models and reproductions of animals.

Then she worked as artist assistant in Fabio Viale studio, collaborating to the realization of his tattooed marble statues.

Meanwhile she dedicated to her personal work and started working as an illustrator.

Her work ranges from painting to illustration for magazines, books, newspapers, print design and exhibitions.

She defines her work as a mixture of curious and whimsical elements with a dreamlike imagery. It is inspired by nature, plants, animals, bizarre behaviours, weird masks, japanese netsuke, art from the Italian Rainessance.



- La volpe Furbetta. Fiabe di Bruno Bossa, Fusta Editore, Italy, 2014.

- In/movimento, Book cover, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Italy, 2014.

- Lo chiamano lavoro… Book cover, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Italy, 2014.

- Nuvole sul lavoro, sei racconti illustrati, Aspirina, Libreria delle donne di Milano, Italy, 2014.

- Equilibristi. Book cover, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Italy, 2015.

- Italia diseguale. Book cover, Edizioni Gruppo Abele, Italy, 2016.

- Newspapers and magazines: Il Fatto Quotidiano, Barricate, Aspirina Mag, Orlando Mag, Cadillac Mag, Pastiche Rivista, Colla.

- 64 Kamasutra Artbook, editorial project by SQUAME, France, 2014.

- Selected to ILLUSTRATI competition, Logos Edizioni, issues March and May 2012.